A Guide to Salesforce Data Security and Best Practices | Rolustech

Why should you be concerned about Data Security?

Salesforce Data Security

Types of Security in Salesforce

  • Object level security
  • Field level security
  • Record level security

Object Level Security

Field Level Security

Record Level Security

Salesforce Data Security Best Practices

  • If you haven’t done this in a while, make sure to carry out a Salesforce health check. Salesforce has its own health check tool that can be used to analyze your CRM platform. It can help you identify any shortcomings in your security and recommend best practices for data security. You can also get in touch with Salesforce experts and ask them for their support in improving your Salesforce data security.
  • Two-factor authentication is an incredibly useful security feature that is built into salesforce. It can help enhance your platform’s overall security. Two-factor authentication requires users to authenticate themselves twice when logging in; once through a password and once through Salesforce’s authenticator app. Two-factor authentication is great for companies that have remote workers accessing their CRM platform.
  • Salesforce lets you define a role hierarchy within the platform. This feature does more than just organize your CRM platform. Having a well-defined role hierarchy can improve your Salesforce cyber security by controlling data access based on a user’s role in the company.




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