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The Magento platform comes in three versions, each aimed to cater to a different end-user. The Magento Open-source platform is a free version aimed at small business owners. On the other hand, the Magento Commerce and Commerce cloud solution is meant to cater to the needs of medium-to-large business enterprises. Of the two, the Magento Commerce Cloud is perhaps the most convenient and innovative platform, offering users greater customizability due to its cloud-hosting infrastructure.

The Magento Commerce Cloud offers the full suite of Magento services to its users. With a scalable platform and easy third-party integrations, Magento Commerce Cloud is the go-to choice for many business enterprises. Compared to other commerce cloud solutions , Magento boasts far more superior features and allows customers smooth online shopping experience.

So what features does the Magento Commerce Cloud offer? Let us take a closer look!

Convergence with Magento Commerce

Commerce features for your convenience

Some of the best commerce features are made available to Magento Commerce users to enable them to manage their online shopping platform smoothly. One of the most innovative features, the page builder tool, allows users to take a proactive role in designing the web interface of their online platform without the need for development expertise. Customers can also be recommended relevant products based on their data that the Magento platform has collected over time and make inferences on the data.

Additionally, users can boost sales by updating content regularly according to varying needs, having the ability to create, preview, and schedule content without needing technical expertise. Customers are also given the option of instant purchase which allows them to skip checkout steps using previously entered information. On top of that, the platform allows automated rules to be set up which drive the sequence in which product suggestions are displayed on the online interface, depending on the up-sells and related products.

Explore multiple channels for growth

The mark of a successful eCommerce platform is rapid and efficient customer support. For this purpose, users must be available at all times, and from anywhere, to attend to the needs of the customers. This involves the need for mobile commerce that lets users keep track of their business operations while on-the-go. Businesses can also expand their reach by not only dealing with consumers but also engaging in B2B eCommerce . Complete with integration with an ERP platform, Magento truly becomes a launchpad for successful online businesses.

Stay efficient and effective

With the help of efficiency and automation tools, businesses can enhance their sales and boost productivity. Using valuable customer data, users can gain a full 360-degree view of the business operations and evaluate key markers of success such as ROI, conversion rates, and customer retention. The platform also allows automatic data consolidation so that all information is stored in the AWS warehouse. This information is always available from the cloud platform ready to be accessed anytime. On top of that, with easy to build reports and creative methods of data visualization, users can estimate their performance in a much better way.

Keep your operations secure

With the Magento platform, users can be assured of the best security and flexibility achievable. Magento is PCI compliant and has a read-only file system that ensures the best data security available to enable customers to place their complete trust with the users. Together with image optimization techniques, bundled third-party extensions, and the availability of Magento Marketplace, the platform is truly built to serve all client needs perfectly.

How is the Magento Commerce Cloud different?

Magento Commerce Cloud differs from the Magento Commerce platform in a few key ways. The cloud platform is much more customizable, with the ability to be scaled according to the varying needs of the business and offers easy integration with third-party applications. Some of the features that make the Magento Commerce Cloud unique are:

Fully configured environment

Magento Commerce Cloud eases the server administration issues by not requiring users to be equipped with a certain version of the server software, PHP, or even the database software. As long as the users have the right configuration of access to files, there is no need to install any specific versions or additional tools in order to get started with the cloud platform.

Integrated Source Control Management System

The platform comes with support for eight environments so that users can choose their pick when it comes to the development, test, or launch of the online platform. The integration environment set comes with three environments to test in, each environment comes with its own server, caching, and configurations among other things. The integration branch can then be merged into a staging environment where pre-production testing can take place. Once the code is tested and free of any bugs, it can be deployed to the production live site.


The platform also allows Magento to be used as a virtual infrastructure for the staging and production environments, which comes equipped with three servers, along with any necessary hardware that a user might require when ensuring reliability.

How Can We Help?

Rolustech offers Magento customization services to its customers that can help them tailor their Magento Commerce Cloud experience according to their specific needs. The ultimate aim is to ensure a personalized eCommerce experience that allows businesses to develop their specific place in the market and cultivate lasting relationships with their customers.

Interested? Rolustech is a full-service Magento e-commerce platform development firm and our experts can make sure your e-commerce platform serves your business in every way possible. Get in touch today for a FREE Business Analysis session!

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