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SugarCRM is universally regarded as one of the most effective and efficient Customer Relations Management Software. comes laden with a bunch of new features, functionalities, and enhancements. They are going to drive your business to higher levels of productivity and profitability. This also means that you can oversee your workflows and projects at any time from anywhere in the world.

Keeping your ease and accessibility in mind Sugar also offers similar functionalities for its Mobile users. SugarCRM’s Mobile 9.0 is compatible with both IOS and Android software. The application is also available both on Google and Apple Stores. Furthermore, the software can be installed using both Google Chrome and Safari. What’s more is that the Mobile 9.0 version is also available in SDK and developers can modify it, add more functionalities and put their own versions out as well.

This news is surely exciting. Let’s take a look at the existing features offered by SugarCRM’s Mobile 9.0.

A quick overview of Sugar Mobile 9.0

Sugar Mobile 9.0 comes with the option to customize your dashboard and home screen. You can also change the font size, color, and type according to your needs. In addition to this, the Mobile application supports a number of other languages making Suite a truly global brand. You can manage and view your employees and the company’s online and offline status from the mobile. Furthermore, the mobile app hosts action and search menus

Features offered by SugarCRM’s Mobile 9.0

Enjoy the advanced features offered by Sugar BPM

Sugar BPM is an excellent new version of what was previously offered as Sugar’s Advanced Workflows . It is an elite tool to automate business processes. You can launch intricate workflows simply by identifying start and end events. The complex nature of Sugar BPM allows it to weigh in previous records while making new decisions. The administrator has full authority to decide which records or data are being included.

In addition to comprehensive oversight on workflows, Sugar BPM facilitates data migrations . You can easily export and import your files. At the same time, it supports automated task termination. The fact that you can perform all of these tasks from your phone makes it an even more powerful and handy tool.

Excellent opportunities for Email collaboration

Your teams can now collaborate when sending out emails. There are a number of customizable email options. Teams can share a single account as well. The email sending fields can be specified and filters added to modulate the access of your employees based on their role and position.

You also have the option to allot reply-to names. This enhances your ability to manage outbound emails.

Effective product modules and quotes management

Product modules and quote management is made even easier with the dashlet option given in your application. You can easily view the products that have been marked as favorites. You can then add them in the desired line up.

Similarly, you can easily configure your quotes module interface according to the needs of your company. The fields can be designed and displayed as envisioned by you and your company. You are not even required to add additional code to tailor this aspect of the application.

Highly secure and trustworthy system

Security remains Sugar’s number one priority. Sugar has not introduced a number of features to protect your data. You can generate unique links that can be shared with your customers to ensure secure and safe opt-in protocol. In addition to this, you can easily erase personal information across multiple fields using just a few steps.

Easy Installation Process

The installation process is fairly easy and straightforward. You have to follow a few simple steps that are already listed on Sugar’s website. You can easily complete the installation process in a few quick steps. Following the installation, you can make an account and log in. For the log-in, in addition to your user name and password, you would also need a Sugar Instance or single sign-on URL.

Once this step is completed, the SugarCRM icon will appear on your home screen. You have to add the Sugar Instance URL once again and you are done! The uncomplicated nature of this protocol makes it a very popular user option.

Our Two Bits!

Sugar is consistently trying to be as user friendly and suitable as possible. Take for example the recent efforts to shift Sugar Professional to Sugar Cloud which makes Sugar an even more lucrative option. The Sugar Mobile 9.0 adds to its appeal as a CRM.

If you are inclined to know more about SugarCRM Implementation, integrations, and migrations, you can always reach out to us at Rolustech. We offer a number of and would be happy to guide you through the process.

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