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Amazon HealthLake is a service by AWS that caters to the healthcare industry in a new way. This applies to insurance, pharmaceutical, and healthcare providers. With HealthLake they can have complete control over their data on an extremely large scale if they please.

In the world of healthcare data, everything is in a different format, with unique units and methods of measurement. There is so much unstructured information present in lab reports, insurance documents, medical imaging, and various types of organ scans. Structuring all of this information is vital to efficient response times and great customer service, which are vital to healthcare. It is an especially difficult task due to the different types of machinery involved and the occasional breakthrough in medicine. This vast infrastructure is easy to get lost in when trying to keep a unified record with a holistic view. Get past this and you can make better patient support decisions and have efficient operations.

Transform your Health Data

HealthLake also uses natural language processing to make sense of medical terms to extract meaningful data. You can mix this with other AWS machine learning services like Amazon SageMaker and Amazon QuickSight for added functionality. This can be used to further understand relationships, trends, and make predictions from the new structured data from Amazon HealthLake. With health data organized, catch up with health trends and get the heads up on disease detection earlier. Use machine learning to improve the standard of your healthcare while reducing costs at the same time.

Benefits of Amazon HealthLake

Transfer Health Data for Accessibility

Trend Identification for Accurate Predictions

Interoperable Standard Support


Having a well-structured database allows medical staff to have improved workflows as they have easy access to everything. This removes their bottlenecks and allows them to increase productivity and efficiency in that newfound time.

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Originally published at on March 19, 2021.

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