Android Application Development — Business at Customers’ Fingertips

In a world where everything is a click away for customers, it is getting increasingly important for businesses to bring their services there too if they want to keep up. While most businesses have developed mobile sites as a step in this direction, that’s not quite enough given the kind of competitive environment businesses in today’s market exist in. So, what can they do to give their business that extra boost? Let’s take a look at how a custom mobile application can help!

Why Businesses Need a Custom Mobile App

Improve Customer Relations

Expand Customer Base

Better Project Management

Centralized Data Management & Security

That covers some of the many arguments for having a custom mobile application for a business. Let’s look deeper into the specific kinds of mobile applications; iOS and Android applications. Owing to the ubiquity of the two operating systems, iOS and Android application development are the primary trends in mobile application development. Let’s look into how the two compare and what some of the comparative benefits of Android applications and Android app development itself are.

Android vs iOS — The Age Old Debate

Greater Market Share

More Flexibility With Features

Ease of Development

That covers all the benefits Android app development entails. Let’s move on to take a look at how the mobile application development process at Rolustech works.

Android Application Development Process

Business Analysis

UI/UX Design

Backend Development

Support & Maintenance

Over to You!

Get the most out of mobile technology with Rolustech. Our Mobile Application Development Experts have extensive experience in cross-platform apps, native apps, and Sugar SDK; and can help you reach your users on their favorite devices. Get in touch for a Free Business Analysis now!

Originally published at on May 24, 2019.

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