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AWS EC2 or AWS Elastic Compute Cloud is a cloud service that provides the user with scalable compute capacity. All the capacity is secure and is meant to make web-scale cloud computing more accessible for developers of all types. AWS EC2 has a simple interface that developers can easily understand to resize their capacity with minimal barriers to workflows. You are given the freedom to tinker with computing resources while running on Amazon’s superior computing space.

Getting an EC2 instance is an entirely customizable process. You can choose the processor, storage, networking, operating system, and the purchase model just right for you.

Amazon also has a competitive advantage in EC2. AWS processor speeds are 400Gbps, they also have the most powerful GPU instances that you can get your hands on. This is very useful for AWS machine learning and other graphically intensive workflows.

The world is using AWS EC2 instances to better optimize resources and upgrade their business process. Let’s go into exactly why that is.

AWS EC2 Features

With bare metal instances, AWS cloud applications get direct access to both the memory and processor of the central server. These work especially well for when you need access to hardware features, or for licensing and support.

This instance is built on the Nitro system, which is a collection of AWS hardware protection components. Those components will combine to give you high-performance resources for your EC2. These instances still provide the same security and reliability as other virtual EC2 instances.

Using an API call, EC2 Fleet will calculate your cost and performance. With that in mind, it will provide you with your specified compute capacity with your own purchase model. EC2 Fleet also lets you specify the level of On-Demand and Spot capacity for launching.

Set preferences for instance types and which method to scale capacity, such as through the number of cores. EC2 Auto Scaling can also be used to automatically resize capacity across EC2 instance types, purchase options, and availability zones. A single Auto Scaling Group can be utilized to define these.

You are able to back up AWS EC2 instances to Amazon EBS, allowing them to go into hibernation. Once in hibernation, you also have the choice to resume them from this state at a later time. This feature benefits those applications that stay in the RAM for prolonged periods of time. Take advantage of this as instances that are hibernated will not charge you for usage. Instead, you will be charged at standard EBS storage rates.

If you need high I/O access to your data with low latency then you can leverage High I/O instances. This is an EC2 instance that can provide you will an IOPS of over 3 million and is backed by NVMe SSDs. This makes them perfect for transactional systems and Elastic Search workloads. High I/O instances also provide disk speeds of 16GB/s which is suited for analytics workloads.

Sometimes you will need high storage density in instances, with high sequential I/O for intensive applications.

This is where Dense Storage instances come in. An EC2 instance type that allows for sequential I/O throughput of 3.9GB/s and 48Tb of instance storage. This is done through 24 hard disk drives of 2Tb each.

Key Takeaway

When you start using EC2, you are using a customizable option for scalable cloud computing. Use how much you want to, the way you want to. The number of instance types available is plentiful, and will definitely fulfill any specific needs you may have. AWS EC2 integrates with other AWS services to complement its own robust set of features in its arsenal.

Get AWS EC2 now and pay for only exactly what you need, and get secure, resilient compute capacity in return.

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Originally published at on February 4, 2021.

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