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Benefits Of CRM And ERP Integration

Internal Controls Are Better Managed

Mobile Application Used More Conveniently

Enhanced Business Intelligence

Seamless Customer Service

Important ERP And Sugar CRM Integrations

  • Address Book Integration: Address books are an essential tool for maintaining contact information for all clients and is needed for both, the CRM as well as the ERP.
  • Credit And Collections Information: In Sugar CRM, sales opportunity qualification, pipeline, and forecast ratings are affected by credit and collections status in ERP. With the integration, this data is used interchangeably across both platforms\
  • eCommerce Platform Alignment: It is essential that the online and eCommerce transactions in both platforms have the required and relevant information to streamline the business process
  • Pricing Rules: The metrics upon which the pricing of the products is determined are something that needs to be uniform across both platforms.
  • Sales Compensation: The process of sales compensation would require data input from both, the CRM and the ERP platforms in order to make the relevant calculations

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