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3 min readMar 27, 2020

Why do you need Magento Dedicated Hosting for your online store?

During recent years we have witnessed that Magento has become one of the most robust platforms for eCommerce stores around the world and one of the best strategies to maximize the output of your Magento store is to use dedicated Magento hosting.

First, let’s discuss why you need dedicated hosting for your Magento store and the benefits you get by using this approach. The biggest advantage you’ll get from dedicating hosting is that you will be able to increase the number of products and the amount of regular traffic on your website all without increasing the burden on your site and sacrificing load speed and customer experience at the same time.

The most simple solution to this is to go for a managed Magento dedicated hosting solution that manages the server for your store. This can prove to be very useful if you don’t want to get too technical while managing your online business. Unmanaged hosting requires a lot of attention to keep the server and store fully operational. In addition, when you want to optimize or your online store, you would need the expertise of a developer who is familiar with an unmanaged hosting stack. With the help of externally managed hosting, you are free from all of these hassles and can focus better on making important business decisions and the growth of the store.

What is Magento Dedicated Hosting?

So what is exactly dedicated Magento hosting? Magento Dedicated hosting means that the resources of your server won’t be shared with any other websites. The result of this being a huge increase in the overall performance of your online store. Magento dedicated hosting for your store gives full access to your own server and you can optimize your website with immense ease.


Furthermore, you need to care of the server and system requirements of Magento to take full advantage of your eCommerce store. These requirements are listed below:

  1. Linux (x86–64)
  2. MySQL 5.6
  3. Magento 2 PHP versions: 5.5.22–5.5.x, 5.6.x, 7.0.2, 7.0.6–7.0.x
  4. Apache 2.2 or 2.4
  5. NGINX version 1.8 or later
  6. SSL certificate
  7. Varnish 3.0.5
  8. Memcached

It is necessary to consider these requirements because the Magento eCommerce platform is built with the complex architecture which requires these Magento hosting partners that can offer the recommended plans and features and you, as a store owner, never have to face downtime issues and let your customers enjoy the delightful shopping experience you intend to deliver.


Another extremely important factor to keep in mind is the server scalability. The requirements and configurations for your Magento store tend to change with the growth and evolution of your online business. Therefore, It’s always better to make a solid plan for the future increase in traffic and user requests.

Advanced Web Caching

Another very popular technique for enhancing the page load time of your website is caching. As you probably know, caching creates a copy of the server responses so that other user requests that are similar do not take up the server’s time and responses, thus, further optimizing the store and leading to smoother user experience.

Wrapping Up!

Different online businesses have different expectations and requirements from their cloud hosting partners. The idea is to make sure that the Magento dedicated hosting solution you are considering fits your specific business requirements perfectly so that your business can function with maximum efficiency.

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