CRM Culture- How to bring CRM culture successfully?

(Learn more about how you can easily sink CRM investment: Part 1 & Part 2)

The Hurdles in bringing CRM Culture

Change is all around us as Heraclitus revealed! Yet implementing it ourselves becomes the most daunting of tasks. As mistakenly believed by many, it never happens with a stroke of a pen- may it be your CEO’s. Let me reveal to you the four hurdles that the Wall Street Journal reminds us of cultural change which applies to the culture of CRM as well.

  1. People do not want to bring change (experienced this one a lot right?)
  2. Limited resources or shifting of resources
  3. Resistance to change- the atmosphere of ‘getting shot down before standing up!’

The S-H-O-C-K Approach to bring CRM Culture

1.Shock your Organization to bring Culture of CRM

“Enough is enough folks! We better become CRM centric now or become irrelevant”. Yes, this attitude is required in the very first step as you start to face negative attitude from your people. There is always little motivation on the part of employees. Legendary Behavioral Psychologist, B.F. Skinner proposed this approach in the 20th century and it’s still used by leading organizations to tackle lethargic employees who despise change.

2. Help them understand CRM Culture and its benefits

All of us are afraid of the dark! Ever wonder why? Psychological trends consistently reveal that people will always resist things they cannot grasp. Similarly, your employees will always resist the new culture as long as they do not understand it.

3.Optimize CRM Culture Implementation

Majority of the organizational experts agree that the reporting structures, measurement procedures, operational processes, performance measurement and rewards system- all of these must be consistent with the behavior that CRM culture asks you to embrace.

4.Capitalize on your strengths to bring CRM culture

Every organization has its strengths if not weaknesses. Consider that an organization wants to bring CRM culture and can’t find any prior strength in the domain of customer relationship to help with cultural reorientation. What does it need? Brainstorming!

5. Keep Reinforcing

Your CRM culture will be a mix of CRM centric values, investment of time and energy in CRM related solutions and also the traditions which support your CRM culture. These are the things you need in order to reinforce your new culture. Your higher management will continue to lead by example and show appreciation for the employees working towards the higher goal. New traditions will help to make the process easier. For instance, you can stimulate healthy competition, award the winners, encourage the runner-ups and celebrate major accomplishments.

A SugarCRM, Salesforce, and Magento Certified Developer & Partner Firm. Tweets on #CRM #Sales #Marketing #Social + many more.

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A SugarCRM, Salesforce, and Magento Certified Developer & Partner Firm. Tweets on #CRM #Sales #Marketing #Social + many more.

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