Custom Web Portal in CRM- Bridge the Gap between Your Customers & Employees

Web Portals are extremely beneficial in forming lifelong relationships with your customers. CRM is for your employees, Portal is for your customers. Customers are not concerned with the CRM your business has deployed; it means nothing to them. However, they very much care about a portal where they can log in and get the information they are looking for. But first, let’s briefly define what a portal is and then look at the benefits it offers to customers.

What is a web portal?

Benefits of a Web Portal for your Business

1. Convenience for Customers

2. Create a loyal community of customers

3. Personalize Customer Experience

Our expertise at developing portals

Company Profile: MetaOps is a business management consulting firm located in Livonia. It specializes in providing, on a short-term contract basis, the most Difficult-to-Find ‘Top Talent’ resources on the planet. These men and women, located around the world and often available on just a few days’ notices, are experts in almost every form of ‘Business Process Improvement’ and ‘Operational Excellence’ there is, in every industry one can imagine.

Custom Portal: A user-friendly and easy to navigate custom portal was built which allowed individuals to make a profile, upload photo, and the relevant documents, attach references and schedule a screening interview. An automatic mail was sent to users who signed up. Dashboard listed all the sections and showed which had been completed.

Screenshots of the Portal

Need Help in developing your very own Portal?

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