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E-Commerce platform personalization creates a world of difference in how your business is perceived. Research has shown that consumers seek personalized experiences whenever they are shopping online. According to statistics in similar research, an overwhelming majority of customers, almost up to 80%, are either disgruntled by a lack of personalization on e-commerce platforms or simply abandon the platform because of it.

This is a gigantic issue but one that can be adequately and quickly resolved through Magento implementation. Magento is a renowned and trusted eCommerce platform. It stands out among eCommerce platforms because it guarantees efficient and highly customizable web pages and eCommerce platforms. In addition to the smooth and attractive front-end interface, Magento’s deployment is a breeze. It offers unparalleled services for order management in your e-Commerce platform. What’s more, Magento extensions like One-Step Checkout are bound to drive your conversion rate higher than ever before.

For now, let’s look at how Magento can assist you in building a unique customer experience through a personalized e-Commerce Platform.

How to Achieve Personalization?

Let’s take a look at all how you can personalize your eCommerce platform with Magento.

Personalize Every Possible Touchpoint with Magento

Personalized Content on Webpages

Customize the Discovery Phase

Tailor Product Suggestions and Recommendations

Unique Landing Pages

Personalized Email Marketing

Third-party Integrations for Personalization

Major Take Away

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Originally published at on September 18, 2020.

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