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Artificial Intelligence has rapidly become a necessary technological advancement in today’s world. It has begun to shape every imaginable aspect of human life, ranging from the way we live to the way we move, buy or even sell.

The significant impact of AI can be seen in various industries, many of which have revolutionized their operations and improved their customer service relations, thanks to AI.

The retail industry seeks to gain tremendous benefits from incorporating Artificial Intelligence in its day-to-day operations and many brands are currently experiencing these gains already.

The results point to the creation of a dynamic retail industry, which remains flexible and technologically sound, whilst still preserving the essence of the business.

So how exactly has AI helped the retail business boost its speed, efficiency, and accuracy? Let’s find out!

Cognitive Inventory Management

Remembering Customer Purchase History

Interactive Chat

Personalized Shopping Experience

Operational Optimization

Salesforce Einstein: A Comprehensive AI-Based CRM

Other important features include the use of bots connected to CRM and the incorporation of computer vision. Computer vision allows deep learning models to use product images to identify the brand, make or model. The Einstein Voice assistant is also an innovative addition to the CRM, which uses voice recognition tools to interact with users in real-time.

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Originally published at on April 17, 2020.

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