Increase Sales With SugarCRM’s Top-Rated Plugins

5 min readJan 19, 2017


Implementing the various stages in a sales pipeline can be a time consuming and delicate process. Care should be taken not to waste time on unnecessary or repetitive tasks so as to maximize efficiency and productivity.

SugarCRM plugins are the tools that will help your business excel by giving a 360-degree view of your customers. These powerful, flexible and versatile plugins are loaded with user-friendly features that will help you streamline the entire business process and increase sales.


Businesses find it difficult to keep information in sync between multiple platforms. RT GSync is the easiest and effective way to keep your Google and SugarCRM in sync. With this plugin, you will never miss an important appointment.

Now you can send and receive emails directly from your Sugar using Gmail account. And not just emails, GSync will automatically sync contacts, calendars, documents between Gmail & Sugar to keep both platforms updated. Unlike its competitors, GSync does not require a browser plugin.

RT GSync is a tightly integrated SugarCRM solution that requires only a single installation. It helps drive sales through increased automation.

2. RT Telephony

Phone systems require time, patience and effort to operate. Don’t let an outdated, feature-less phone system define your company. Introducing RT Telephony, a unique telephone solution to boost your productivity. Make Inbound & Outbound calls directly from your SugarCRM web interface.

Get instant pop up notifications when someone calls or texts. By offering a seamless integration between Twilio and SugarCRM, RT Telephony makes it easier to establish a secure connection with your customers.

This plugin enables users to avail Inbound & Outbound calls and SMS service right from your SugarCRM with a single click.You can call from Twilio number or your personal number and make notes during call conversation. It also has the option to record your call & archive it. If you click on the details, you will see the call recording and the notes saved against a particular contact.

You can also send and receive an SMS through your sugar. Similarly, calls and SMS will be received and archived when someone contacts you on your Twilio number. Apart from this, RT telephony comes with some amazing features.

It has a built in IVR system so if you are a team that receives a lot of calls. This feature will make your life easy. All Inbound calls will be automatically received and the caller can connect with the desired person using the extensions. Not just this, you will also get advanced features like call forwarding, call waiting and simultaneous calling.

RT Telephony is an incredible integration which provides you with the tools that you need to effectively communicate with your customers.

3. RT SalesMap

Need to map the geographical location of customers? Or want to visit customers but find it difficult to plan them? With RT SalesMap, find closely located customers, plan the trip ahead of time, save time and cost, decrease delivery times and get happy customers. Track & locate your SugarCRM leads, accounts and contacts on the go using RT SalesMap.

Instead of searching through your database, look at your customers and prospects visually. RT SalesMap is equipped with all the goodies which come with Google maps. So by using SalesMap, you can simply locate your records on a map and then go to the details you are interested in.

It has a route planner for your sales team. By clicking on the directions option of a pin, it will show you all the possible routes between the record and your default address.

4. RT SugarBox

No matter what business you are in, content is very important. But it’s not always easy to manage your content. RT SugarBox provides the right content at the right place.

Two-way sync ensures that users have up-to-date resources at their fingertips. PDFs generated from SugarCRM can be stored and shared via Box. Box inbuilt content tools enable users to edit documents within SugarCRM.

Make Box and SugarCRM talk to each other via RT SugarBox. Another great feature of RT SugarBox is that it allows you to invite collaboration. You can invite teams and contacts to collaborate on documents. Also, you can define the precise roles of the invitees. PDF templates can be created and edited inside your Sugar.

This plugin eliminates the need to send content back and forth with updated revisions.

5. RT DocuSign

Close business deals faster by sending and tracking documents from anywhere, anytime. View status and real-time updates about documents in SugarCRM.

If you have sent multiple documents to someone, you can individually view the status of each document. You can send PDF templates to your Sugar records for signing.

RT DocuSign is an easy to use plugin and by taking advantage of it, you can configure and send multiple documents and PDF templates from Sugar and your customers can sign them using their DocuSign account from any browser including mobile devices within minutes.

6. RT QuickBooks

Taking control of finance means taking control of business but hashing out monetary matters can be difficult. RT QuickBooks unites your Sugar with QuickBooks bi-directionally to facilitate swift business payments, payroll functions, and billing features.

With its robust features, RT QuickBooks ensures that your accounting team will never have to enter data repetitively or sync data manually. It automatically synchronizes inventories, sales invoices, customer payments, and financial history, giving you a bird’s eye view of all your finances.

RT QuickBooks is an easy to use and simple plugin which simplifies all your accounting and management needs.




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