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The most important aspect of any given business is the effective management of each process. A lot of businesses employ a variety of tools such as that employees have access to in order to log important tasks, update information, and essentially just ensure there is a pipeline in place that can track progress reliably. This poses a challenge for businesses from industry verticals that are largely centered around on-field work. Employees cannot update the system in real-time and have to rely on recalling information or hastily written down notes to reproduce the information that needs to be entered into the system. While this may work most times, it is also highly likely that important information gets missed in some instances, which can prove to be very damaging to potential business deals. The real estate industry is one such industry; with real-estate agents constantly being on-the-go, showing customers listings and trying to close deals, having to keep track of information relevant to each customer and listing and making sure to remember everything that happens in a workday to go back to the office and update information within a system gets cumbersome.

Well, that can all change now.

Introducing the Real Estate Solution You Need

Because we at Rolustech strive to make business process management a breeze for our customers, our team took up the task of creating a Real Estate Management Mobile App so your agents can be empowered with access to all the right information on-the-go, the ability to update information anytime and place, and a myriad of other features that can allow their productivity to sky-rocket so all they have to worry about is closing deals, while you can just sit back and monitor everything that’s happening within your business in real-time. Let’s find out how!

Key Features

Central Database

The app comes with a central database so agents have access to up-to-date information at all times, at any place. The database contains all information on buyers, sellers, listings in the database, the agents themselves, and all of the locations that a business is operating in. The added search functionality makes retrieving information even more convenient for agents. All they need to do is punch in the search criteria for what they’re looking for, and it’ll show up!

Buyer-Seller Matching

Why rely on rummaging through your mind for properties that would be a good fit for a buyer? Designed for real-estate businesses that operate across cities or even globally, this app can match buyers to the right sellers for your agents, so all they have to do is focus on closing the deal itself. The intuitive interface only requires them to fill out a simple form detailing buyer information and location and matches it to a list of top potential sellers, and vice versa.

Access Codes for Security

That’s everything that makes life easier for agents, now let’s get to how the app facilitates management. Ensuring the listings that your agency has access to are protected from trespassing is one of the primary responsibilities of any real estate agency, and we’ve made sure that it is now simpler than ever.

With location-based tracking of agents, the application immediately prompts agents for a response when an agent comes within a certain radius of any property and the agent needs to respond in the affirmative to obtain a unique code that is then used to unlock and visit properties. Similarly, once the agent is outside of a certain radius, they are once again prompted for a response on whether they are leaving and the property is locked again if they are.

Real-Time Tracking of Processes

Speaking of location-based tracking, you can monitor what listings which agents are showing at any given time from the app and make sure you know which sales are currently in the pipeline as well as how potential deals are progressing. The fact that all this information is available to you on-the-go is just an added benefit that makes the decision-making process simpler, easier, and more informed than ever.

That’s not all, we understand your sellers are your customers and need to be kept in the loop about how their business with you is progressing. For this reason, we’ve made sure to implement access control mechanisms too, which allow for sellers themselves to look at the agents responsible for their listings, who and how many people have viewed it, and how the deal is proceeding if finalized.

Two-Way Authentication

You can never be too careful with data, and that is why we’ve added an extra layer of security with two-factor authentication so your business information stays fully secure and the privacy of your buyers and sellers is never compromised.

That’s a Wrap!

That covers all there is to Rolustech’s Real Estate Mobile App. With all of the features, it has to offer, this app is bound to help your business grow in terms of productivity and efficiency, whether you’re using it as a stand-alone solution or as a CRM integration to make it even more powerful. And, if there’s anything else you feel like would be helpful for your specific business, our team can always put their mobile development expertise to use and help you out with whatever it is you need.

Whether it’s an Android, iOS, or cross-platform app, we at Rolustech can help you bring your vision straight to your phones. Get in touch today for a FREE Business Analysis today and kickstart your mobile app development journey.

Originally published at https://www.rolustech.com on December 20, 2019.

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