Salesforce Winter’20 Release: All You Need To Know

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Winter is here and so is Salesforce Winter’20 update. To provide its users with a warm experience in the cold, Salesforce has come up with amazing new features. Thriving in the industry as CRM leaders, Salesforce has only reinforced its standing with the Winter release. In this article, we have summed up all the highlights of the Salesforce Winter’20 update that we know, so you can leverage your Salesforce ecosystem to the best. Let’s go!

Easier Transition to Salesforce Lightning

Switching to Salesforce Lightning was never this easy! With the Salesforce Winter’20 release being rolled out, your users can now easily switch to the lightning version with better in-app guidance.

Understand Report Results Better by Counting Unique Values

Salesforce Winter’20 release has solved another big problem of all Salesforce users. Now, you don’t need to depend on other platforms to perform the cumbersome task of counting the number of unique values in any report.

For example, if you want to count the number of opportunities in a certain account, you can easily do it from your Salesforce. This will help you in increasing the efficiency of your business processes and boost productivity.

Run Scheduled Flows

Another exciting feature of the Salesforce Winter’20 update is you can now start a flow on a schedule. This will make your setup easier to use, so you can solve complex business problems on the fly. There’s a lot more you can do with the Sales and Service feature in your Salesforce with the new update! Just go to the new Essentials Features in your Salesforce and explore the new functionalities relevant to you.

Personalized Mobile Experience with Salesforce Mobile App

With a focus on personalized user experience, Salesforce has now come up with a Salesforce Mobile App . How will this help you? In a number of ways! Now, the admins can customize the mobile experience of users and create a unified experience for all the users. Not just this, mobile publishers can also get custom notifications and do deep linking efficiently for better user experience.

Survey Making Got Easier and Quicker

The Survey feature in Salesforce got even better with the Salesforce Winter’20 release. With the new update, admins can send Surveys fast and easily through the process builder. Moreover, users can also automate survey invitations.

Lightning Web Components and Flow Screens

With the release of Lightning Web Components, Salesforce has allowed Developers to use HTML and JavaScript to build Lightning components. However, with the Salesforce Winter’20 update, the new components can also be added to Flow Screens. This makes the Flow’s quite robust and a must-have in the toolkit of all Salesforce Admins & Developers.

If you are wondering, how you can leverage this amazing new functionality to better use your Salesforce, you can also take the help of a Salesforce Developer .

Recycling Bin Added in Lightning

A lot of Salesforce users wanted the recycling bin in lightning. Finally, Salesforce has gotten rid of this dreadful bug. Salesforce has now added a recycle bin to its Lightning version , putting an end to all your doubts regarding switching. Moreover, the recycling bin allows you to permanently restore and delete items, so you can streamline your workflows.

Seamless File Sharing

As a result of the Salesforce Winter’20 update, you can seamlessly share files because Salesforce has improved the mechanism of handling files on records. Now, files have been allowed to inherit the shared settings of the associated records and can be deleted without permanently removing it from Salesforce. Moreover, the latest release also lets customers from the communities to view files on record.

Targeted Marketing Through ChatBot’s New Feature

It’s important to provide your customers with personalized user experiences . Through the Salesforce Winter’20 update, you can take your marketing efforts to the next level. Simply add action that allows your ChatBot to give article recommendations based on the customer’s search terms and leverage targeted marketing .

Tabs and Accordion Components Now Available on Home Pages

Another highlight of the Salesforce Winter’20 update is that now right on your homepage, it allows you to add Tabs & Accordion lightning components. This will make Salesforce user-friendly and improve efficiency while working.

Signature in Email Templates

With the Salesforce Winter release, there is no need to worry about adding a signature to your email templates. To optimize its user experience, Salesforce now allows you to add signatures to their email templates with the new Sender Signature Merge Field. Isn’t it simple and easy?

Never Miss a Security Update

As Salesforce cares about keeping the data of its users secure, the Salesforce Winter release has come up with ways to make its security updates more visible. This will ensure that users don’t miss out on any security update as a message will be shown for your org when you log in to your Salesforce. Simply review your security settings and update them accordingly.

Triggered Dialogs Won’t Hinder Work Progress

Having all your data on a unified platform is amazing. But, the Salesforce Winter’20 update takes it to the next level by allowing its users to continue with their work, even when a dialog is created.

You can now continue working in a console view as the dialogue will just be limited to the tab that initiated it. Hence, a dialogue won’t hinder your work progress as you can continue to work from your workspace tab.

It’s A Wrap!

This covers the highlights of the Salesforce Winter’20 update. Just like before, Salesforce has left no stone unturned to outdo itself with the new features, making it the World’s #1 CRM. Leverage these new features now to supercharge your business growth!

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