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5 min readMar 31, 2021

Salesforce is the leading CRM software that can be easily adapted to any industry and any size of business. Given that, Salesforce is especially great for small businesses because it provides enhanced features that accelerate growth. As a small business, there are many ways you too can leverage Salesforce and all that it has to offer.

Salesforce for Small Business

Salesforce may be used by large enterprises, but it allows great automation tools for smaller businesses as well. The pricing that Salesforce offers here is manageable by almost everyone and can be used to kickstart a small business.

Anything that Salesforce is not really covering can also be implemented with a little Salesforce customization by us. Fill in the gaps this way to get your exact workflow up to the mark and on the platform. You can run your business much more efficiently with Salesforce than without. This is due to all the wonderful Salesforce automation tools for marketing, sales, and customer service that they provide.

What does Salesforce do for Small Businesses?

In short, Salesforce takes your business to much greater heights than before and opens up new avenues to explore. Building relationships with your clients is the way of the future and leads to lifelong recurring business. With Salesforce comes efficient automation tools that revolutionize workflows to make them more accessible for your employees.

When you already have software that you use, simply integrate them with Salesforce to minimize new investments and save costs. Salesforce suits small businesses this way too as you can simply select the features and technologies you need. You can also go for the Essentials edition of Salesforce for small businesses. It may sound like Salesforce is only for large conglomerates, but that is just a common misconception. You can use Salesforce for all business sizes, wherever you lie there is a plan made especially for you. Let’s go into how Salesforce can help your small business.

Salesforce Automation Tools

Salesforce has many tools catered to automating many tedious tasks that you may come across during work. This is all included on Salesforce Cloud, which covers a variety of features that you need to grow efficiently.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Marketing is one of them, Salesforce can automate most processes of your social media by scheduling when to post. These include other forms of marketing too like email, which uses Salesforce Pardot to form campaigns. You can use Salesforce Pardot to go through every inch of your audience and segment them for the best results.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce sales automation gives more power to your sales team. They will need it considering how many there are in a small business. An empowered sales team will lead to better performance as well as higher levels of productivity. The end result is that your Salesforce CRM software will actually be leading to higher profits if looked at closely.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Lastly, if we look at the customer service side of things Salesforce provides handy automation tools here as well. Create custom workspaces that will form the main interface that agents will interact with and is catered to their needs. They can also easily handle cases from all mediums within the Service Console made available. You can run powerful analytics tools powered by Salesforce Einstein to see the results from implementing efficient customer service.

There is even a small business edition of Salesforce known as Salesforce Essentials, this focuses on the core functionality. Let’s go into what makes it a good choice for your business. If the price is a concern then this is the one for you.

Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials does a great job of packing in Salesforce into a platform that can be used by small businesses. This removes a lot of the barriers to entry due to the pricing of this small business edition of Salesforce.

Salesforce Essentials Pricing

Now you might be wondering, how much does Salesforce cost for a small business? Well, this Salesforce edition designed for small businesses has a much more manageable cost than Salesforce for enterprises.

Salesforce Essentials pricing is $25 per month per user, which a small business can handle quite well. This handles a maximum of 10 users, so spread them apart widely across your business where they matter the most.

Why You Need Salesforce Essentials for Small Business

Salesforce on its own, while great, can also be sometimes inaccessible to small businesses. You can get past the higher subscription costs by going with this small business edition of Salesforce. The features you get are still comparable enough and will let you grow as a company. Updating to a better version is always an option later down the line when using this version proves to be fruitful.

Training your employees in the Salesforce Essentials CRM software is much easier in comparison to the full version. Just join Trailhead for free sessions and train yourself and your employees on the platform.

What’s more, you still have the intuitiveness and power of the Salesforce CRM software. You will not have to worry about your resources as the system is hosted solely on the cloud. Use this to your advantage as it is a huge boost to smaller businesses when using Salesforce.

Use Salesforce to Grow!

As a CRM software, Salesforce is one of the most reliable ones and will withstand all manner of tasks. Whether you use the full version or just stick with Essentials for now, it will help you grow further. As a company you need to look into more opportunities, Salesforce makes the search easy and puts you on the right path.

With free resources on Trailblazer, you can easily train your employees in the way of Salesforce and make them productive. Salesforce is a no-brainer and allows you to quickly get ahead of the competition this way.

So get Salesforce now and pave the way for your company. Salesforce works wonders for small businesses and is a great platform to rely on.

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