Sugar 9.0: SugarBPM and Other Features You Need To See!

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The new Sugar 9 is here, loaded with numerous new features to help users make the most of their Sugar Implementation. As with every Sugar version, SugarCRM has strived to meet and exceed user expectations and it looks like they’ve struck gold with the new SugarBPM. Apart from that, there are also considerable enhancements across the board. Let’s dive in and dissect what’s new in Sugar 9.

What is SugarBPM?

Starting from the top, let’s take a look at the new SugarBPM. On a closer look, we can tell this is a revamped version of the Sugar Advanced Workflow, with amazing new features, and a simple drag-and-drop functionality for all process definitions. As the new name suggests, SugarBPM is a powerful tool for automatic business process modeling. With SugarBPM, you can create intricate processes by defining a start and end event. Once that is done, SugarBPM automatically takes action by leveraging your CRM data and automates the entire process. This is a multi-layered process and takes into account all and any related records, which means that a SugarCRM administrator can define which action will be triggered based on which record. The implications of this are huge; with SugarCRM, you can automate a myriad of processes such as lead generation, lead nurturing, and retargeting. Let’s take a closer look at some of the added functionality that allows SugarBPM to do so!

What’s New?

Tags in SugarCRM

It is now possible to add tags in both the record and list views in SugarBPM modules. This allows for efficient organization and navigation of data, which essentially just means that managing business processes is now much more convenient.

Import and Export Improvements

The processes of importing email templates, process business rules, and even tags applied to SugarBPM module records will be streamlined significantly as they will automatically be exported as part of their related process definition’s .bpm file. Similarly, relationships between data will also be retained when migrated to Sugar 9.X or higher. This means that the data migration process will now be significantly less complicated and sensitive, so you can take a breather while Sugar takes on the responsibility of maintaining data integrity.

Automated Process Termination

Termination settings for processes have been enhanced to allow for triggers to be able to listen for changes and act accordingly. This means it is now possible for processes to automatically be terminated and/or restarted when specific fields are set to specific values.

That covers all the cool new features that make SugarBPM so much more powerful, but that’s not all there is to Sugar 9. Yes, you read that right. There’s more. Let’s go through what’s new other than SugarBPM!

All New Email Accounts Functionalities

Shared email accounts

A whole team of users can now send out emails from a single shared email account. The Emails module now contains a Team field for Outbound accounts, which specifies the users that can use the account for sending out emails.

“Reply-To” name and email address

Users can now assign a “Reply-To” name and email address to each outgoing user email account that will receive any replies to the outbound email message.

What’s new in Reports?

Scheduled Reports

The new Report Schedules module in the Enterprise and Ultimate editions allows users to schedule reports to be emailed to them as well as entire teams of users to ensure everybody is on the same page.

Out-of-the-Box Reports

Sugar now comes with several out-of-the-box report templates that speed up the initial set up process as well as provide users with a starting point on what Sugar customization they’d need for their own tailored reports. These templates demonstrate best practices for CRM reporting such as using charts to display business metrics to teams and allow customers to be more data-driven while managing their sales and support operations.

Data Visualization in Reports

In addition to the familiar horizontal and vertical bar charts in Sugar, users may also now select the easier-for-data-analysis options, Grouped Vertical Bar and Grouped Horizontal Bar charts, thus making the decision making process simpler.

Reporting on Product Catalog

The Product Catalog module now is available to use within reports to readily provide users with details of products within Sugar.

Exporting Reports

All report types can now be exported to CSV to make it all the more convenient for you to process your data and gain further insight into it!

Updates in Product Catalog and Quotes

Product Catalog Quick Picks Dash

The Product Catalog Quick Picks dashlet allows users to access products that have been recently used or marked as favorites and add them as line items on opportunities and quotes. This provides users with quick access to frequently required or relevant products.

Favoriting Product Catalog Records

Product catalog records can now be marked as favorites through the Product Catalog list view/record view, Product Catalog dash, or Product Catalog Quick Picks dash.

Quotes Module User Interface Configuration

Administrators can now configure the fields for the quotes worksheets within Sugar without having to write any additional code owing to all-new upgrade-safe capabilities. This ensures to-the-point, clear, and accurate quotes for prospective and current customers.

Quoted Line Item Currency

Users now also have the ability to change the line item’s currency when creating or editing quotes to make calculations much simpler and less prone to errors.

Updates in Privacy & Security

Opt-In Links

Users can now generate a unique link to send to customers which, when clicked, will mark previously un-opted email addresses as opted-in for future communications, thus ensuring any communications with customers are consensual.

Activity Streams Field Erasure

Erasing personal information through the Data Privacy module now also removes these values from activity stream posts and replaces them with ‘Value Erased’.

Added Emoji Support

The Emails module can now display emojis and users can also use emojis in Sugar text fields now!

New Login Page

The Sugar login screen has been updated to give users a more collaborative experience. Sugar users can now keep an eye out for important information like product and company updates, useful resources, and more from SugarCRM whenever they log into Sugar.

Also, check out custom Sugar login screens we’ve created for some of our clients.

That’s a Wrap!

That covers everything there is to Sugar 9. It is clear that all of this additional functionality was implemented with user convenience in mind. With these new updates, automating business processes is easier than ever, and keeping track of several important factors is now a few clicks away, thus making Sugar 9 a very appealing Sugar Upgrade for businesses that emphasize accountability and process simplification.

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