Sugar Winter’20 Release: What’s New? | Rolustech

The Three SugarCRM Pillars: An Overview

Time-Aware Customer Experience Platform

No-Touch Information Management

Continuous Cloud Innovation

Major Product Enhancements

Sugar Sell

Service Products

Renewals Console

  • Higher revenue as a result of higher renewal rates
  • Shorter sales cycle and greater sales efficiencies
  • More opportunities for cross-sell and up-sell

Automation of Renewal Pipeline

Active Subscription Dashlet

Sugar Serve

New Fields in Reports

  • First Response Target/Actual
  • Hours to First Response
  • Business Hours to First Response
  • Variance From Target/Actual
  • First response SLA Met
  • First Response User
  • Average Time to First Response by Agent
  • Daily Average Time to First Response
  • First Response SLA Success rate
  • Cases That Missed the First Response SLA
  • Average Difference From Follow-up Date by Week by Agent
  • Open Cases Awaiting First Response that missed SLA
  • Open Cases Awaiting First Response within SLA
  • My SLA Success Rate
  • My Average Difference from Follow-up Date by Week

Time-Aware Case Tracking

Sugar Market

Email Bot Click Detection for Greater Marketing Efficiency

Seamless Connectivity Between Sugar Market and Other CRMs

Sugar Mobile

Tagging Records

Are You Ready To Update Sugar?



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