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3 min readDec 24, 2020

A business consistently achieving growth is always a positive sign, but with it comes a few caveats. The main one is business complexity when it comes to handling a higher volume of sales and support requests. It becomes harder to relay the right representatives to the right requests. A larger number of employees also means greater difficulty when making sure their productivity and job satisfaction is optimized. This is why SugarCRM released SugarBPM, originally Sugar Advanced Workflow, it offers a set of workflow automations for the platform. Think about all the manual processes that your sales and support teams have to go through on a daily basis. These actually add a lot of unseen costs for your business on the whole and can be easily avoided. With SugarBPM running on the side, you will see a return on investment through the power of automation.

Features of SugarBPM

Visual Processes Definer

With SugarBPM, you can give a visual element to your business processes, with simple drag and drop controls. The fact that business processes are defined by activities with starts and ends will turn them into a flowchart. You can fill the flowchart with process definitions, based on those SugarBPM will take the appropriate action. The criteria can include geographic location, company size, etc. So whatever you have set, SugarBPM will make sure that the case is routed to the best salesperson for it.

Business Rules Module

Under this module, you can create your own sets of outcomes and conditions. You can then contain this in its own process definition. An example of this can be the definition of geographic locations, instead of countries you can deal with regions. So for future opportunity creation, the countries can be automatically sorted into regions by the engine within SugarBPM. Customize your SugarCRM to have only the processes that suit your business.

Process Email Templates

As the name suggests, you can create email templates for specific parts of the business process. The emails will be automated for anyone who is part of the process in question. Just like lead assignment, a notification will be sent to the salesperson assigned.

Processes Module

You can view every process that is currently active from this module. With the help of useful dashlets, you can check the status of actions needed like approvals.

Enhanced Process Termination

Processes that have their fields changed elsewhere on a record will not result in a bug anymore. Instead, the process itself will be terminated so that the error does not cause a major slowdown in the workflow. SugarBPM has added tweaks like this to ensure that whatever happens, the workflow does not get compromised.

Business Process Tags

Tagging certain activities and actions is something that has always been present in different SugarCRM applications. SugarBPM has added this in an update, resulting in the same level of management and organization present on the platform. Organization of processes is especially useful as that lends its hand to more efficient automation based on the tag names.

Recipients List

The recipients list for process templates will extract addresses from other modules related to the target record. Your list will increase automatically and you can have a higher reach from the start with relevant addresses.

Process Validation

Not sure about the processes you have been creating? With the Process Validator by SugarBPM, you can validate your processes beforehand. Depending on your needs, you can validate them on import or at the time of need. You will not make configuration mistakes and sequencing errors again as you can detect them before taking action.

Summing Up

Completely optimize and automate your workflow with SugarBPM. Anyone can use the simple visual design interface to craft their own processes full of complex decision making. SugarBPM can be integrated with other external platforms to help take down organizational boundaries. Automated processes will give you the flexibility to effectively manage the customer experience.

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