SugarConnection Paris Event: A Must Attend!

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Isn’t it great to be a part of the Sugar community? We like to think it is, and there’s no better opportunity to get the best out of Sugar Community than at the SugarCon! However, this year is a little different because we have multiple Sugar Connection events in different countries instead of the annual single event. As the enthusiasm of the Sugar community reached for the skies, an annual Sugar event simply wasn’t cutting it. So Sugar went on and created 4 separate events in 4 different parts of the world for a better experience of all the customers, partners and experts.

Here’s what the schedule looks like:

  • San Francisco — August 6th
  • Boston — September 25th
  • Paris — October 23rd
  • Mexico City — November 6th

Why SugarConnection is a Must-Attend?

Sugar Connection is a chance to meet and learn from the industry leaders and the esteemed partners, across the globe. A lot of customer experience innovators will also be attending the show. It is a golden opportunity to learn all the latest trends and techniques for improving your customers’ experience. As we already know, SugarCon is a hands-on training session that walks you through the best practices of sales management, marketing automation, and customer service. So expect more of the same in 4 separate doses in 2019.

The SugarConnection San Francisco

The Sugar Connection Event in San Francisco was bigger and better than the previous ones. No wonder, it exceeded the expectations of the SugarCRM community — bringing all the experts and customers in one place.

Rolustech — Official Sponsors for Sugar Connection

Just like the old times, Rolustech was the official sponsor of the SugarConnection in San Francisco. Amid yet another busy booth, the Rolustech team highlighted some of their latest products for the Sugar community. The demos of the innovative products caught the attention of many and were appreciated by the experts.

SugarConnection — Paris

The Sugar Connection in Paris is around the corner and you absolutely have to attend it. There is a lot of hype about it — for all the right reasons. This time around, a lot more is happening, so stay with us as we unveil some upcoming events.

What To Expect At SugarConnection Paris?

At the Sugar Connection Event in Paris, you will get a chance to hear Chris Pennington (COO — Sugar) go over what the New Sugar means as we prepare for the next decade . He will be sharing his insights and vision to take SugarCRM to greater heights of success. Along with this, you will see how SugarCRM is adding new features to Sugar to make it even better and adaptable to different business needs. Here’s a photo of our team with the new COO at SugarConnection in San Francisco.

See Rolustech’s Latest Products at Sugar Connection in Paris!

The Rolustech team had a good time meeting all the visitors in SugarCon San Francisco. We are excited to see a lot more people at our booth in the Sugar Connection Event in Paris. So, if you are looking to see some of the best industry solutions for your Sugar, you must pay a visit to the Rolustech booth. With a drive for innovation, we will be showcasing our new products, Sugar Alexa and RT Sales Map App . Both our innovations have already become a game-changer for many businesses and are expected to revolutionize businesses. See demos of our latest products as they are not to be missed, or just stop by to meet our team!

Rolustech — From the SugarCon Vault

Recognized internationally as an esteemed partner of SugarCRM, Rolustech has bagged a number of awards at the SugarCon Events over the year. It stood tall among a number of other partners and won the Global Competency Award . Impressively, Rolustech has one of the largest Sugar Development teams in the world and provides the best CRM services and ensures that we have a satisfied clientele.

SugarCon 2017

In SugarCon 2017 , Rolustech impressed the audience by presenting its plugin RT SalesMap through the theme of X-Men. With RT SalesMap, Sugar users can locate their Leads, Contacts, and Accounts in a certain area. This reminded the attendees of how Professor X locates mutants anywhere around the world using his Cerebro. No doubt, the skit caught the attention of the visitors and was the finalist in the App Throwdown Competition.

SugarCon 2018

SugarCon 2018 was one of the biggest CRM events of the year. As it focused on the future of CRM keeping in view artificial intelligence and blockchain, Rolustech also presented its innovative products. The 3 new products were RT Stiki Notes , RT Personalize , and RT SugarStripe . This year again, Rolustech will be showcasing its latest innovations.

See You At SugarConnection Paris!

The SugarConnection Paris is expected to raise the bar high and has already become a hot topic of discussion among the Sugar community.

The event is a must-attend and the Rolusech team is excited to see you! Drop by our booth for demos or just say hi.

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