SugarCRM Login Screen Customization: 10 Awesome Login Screen Ideas

First Things First…

Sugar’s default Login Screen

This is how the Sugar login screen looks by default.

10 Great Examples of how SugarCRM Login Screens can be customized

1. Reflect your brand’s personality

One great way to redesign your login screen is to reflect your brand’s personality. It can also be designed to reflect the personas of your users, what they like, dislike or aspire to be.

2. Show the users why they are logging in

In this example of a travel agency, the users are shown what they would be doing once they log into Sugar. This message should resonate with the user and give their work a sense of purpose.

3. Using irony where you can

In this example, the irony is used that while users work the clients smile. Not at them though; the message is for a dental clinic which shows that the work of dentists contributes to the smiles of patients.

4. A story about the company’s history

The login screen can be customized to show a story of your company’s beginnings and where it has come from. This gives users a sense of affiliation with the company which is larger than the daily routine work. The example below implements this idea for home movers.

5. Using your company’s Image

This login screen shows an image of the company itself to the users which make them feel that they are not logging into any CRM but an all-encompassing software which runs their business.

6. Using the psychology of colors to arouse emotion

The color red is used in the example below. Red signifies excitement, boldness, passion, energy and ignites the same in people.

7. Something motivational for your team

You could use a motivational quote or a motivational message for the users to see before they login. In the example below, a motivational message is shown for a company which might use Sugar as a helpdesk solution.

8. Your company’s tagline

A tagline of your company coupled with a great image makes for a wonderful combo. Check the example below.

9. Giving users a sense of fulfillment from their daily work

Demotivated and unfulfilled users do your business no good. The users should get a sense of meaning from their daily routine. This example perfectly fits nonprofits and cause-oriented businesses.

10. Using light humor

Light humor hurts nobody. Benefit? It gets users in a good mood when they start off their mornings.

11. Yes I know we promised 10 examples, But

We kept the best for last. You could play a video on your Sugar login screen. This could be a promotional, marketing or a company profile video you already have. With a little bit of backend customization, we can virtually modify your Sugar login screen to look the way you desire.

A SugarCRM, Salesforce, and Magento Certified Developer & Partner Firm. Tweets on #CRM #Sales #Marketing #Social + many more.

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A SugarCRM, Salesforce, and Magento Certified Developer & Partner Firm. Tweets on #CRM #Sales #Marketing #Social + many more.

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