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3 min readNov 27, 2020


Plugins have always been an important part of the SugarCRM ecosystem. They are a little different from integrations in the way that they operate. Sometimes you might need something built from the ground up in order to get the very specific functionality that you require. That’s why having a simple plug and play solution can be all you actually need.

Rolustech has made a recent addition to the plugin family. Now, instead of getting developers to painstakingly design a theme for your SugarCRM, you just need to install a simple plugin and personalize the theme yourself with ease. Introducing RT Personalize, an extremely easy to use tool to change the appearance of your SugarCRM on the fly.

Personalized Typography

The entire typeface of your is now under your control. RT Personalize gives you the option to adjust aspects of font everywhere within the interface. This allows you to tailor the experience to what you’re already used to on other platforms. This is not a change that has to encompass all of SugarCRM though, as you can choose exactly where it is implemented. You could choose to place certain fonts for specific clients or on specific categories of messages, highlighting their importance. Even for specific headers that are recurring, you can make it so that a particular typeface is always used without hassle.

Individual Themes

You can create any combination of themes using easy template options by RT Personalize. All you have to do is select color palettes and where to place them in the interface. It’s up to you to find the right combination that best represents your brand image.

Due to COVID, we tend to stay stuck to our screens even more so than usual, owing to working from home and social isolation. So it is important to decrease the burden on your eyes from viewing so many displays during the day. By applying a dark theme you can simulate dark mode which is used on many devices. This is can be used to combat eye strain which everyone faces in the current age.

You could also go for the creative route and use color to denote priority levels based on types of tasks or clients.

Quick Installation

As is the case with all of our SugarCRM plugins, installation is just a matter of a few minutes. After that, the plugin will be ready to use immediately and you may begin theming your SugarCRM.

Summing Up

RT Personalize is one of our newer plugins and the only one which focuses purely on the theme of your SugarCRM. You can now have your SugarCRM look and feel a certain way, without losing any functionality.

Besides RT Personalize, we also create an ecosystem of other plugins that are focused on function rather than form. They cover a large range of features like total sync with Google, mapping out sales data geographically, and a more finely tuned version of Twilio integration. Combining these different plugins will give you extreme ease of access and simplified commands to go with your workflow. The result is a more streamlined business process.

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