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SugarCRM is one of the most favored CRMs for industry verticals like Real Estate Businesses. This is because Sugar is a highly customizable platform. You can create modules and Dashboards required for your specific business.

An open-source software, Sugar is easy to mobilize. It streamlines workflows and automates many work processes. This eliminates time delays and drives the company’s productivity. In addition to this Sugar is especially suitable for Real Estate businesses because of multiple factors. First among them is the intelligence and insight that CRM brings to your business. You can gain important information about your customers and process it simultaneously to craft amazing marketing strategies that are tailored to the expectations of your client base.

SugarCRM is fundamentally interested in empowering your Sales team. Through Sugar, you can create a CRM that is built around the needs of your sales agents- a benefit that can be leveraged most effectively in real estate businesses that are pivoted around sales agents. In addition to the benefits enumerated above, you can power your SugarCRM with a number of integrations. These integrations are going to revolutionize your real estate business.

1- Google Maps

Google Maps is a great navigating tool, especially for Real Estate businesses. It enables your sales agents to accurately pinpoint the location of the individuals and companies you are dealing with. For a Real Estate business, it means that you can find your buyers, sellers, and prospective clients. All your contacts can also be listed according to their locations. This is an important integration because it allows you to devise more proactive marketing strategies. You can direct your marketing outreach towards areas that are known to have a higher density of your clients.

2- Twilio Telephone System

An important aspect of the Real Estate business is talking to clients on call. Maintaining call logs without a CRM usually becomes a cumbersome process. This will immediately change if you integrate Twilio Telephone System in your SugarCRM. You can make calls and send SMS directly from your CRM. This means that sales agents do not have to switch between platforms to interact with the clients. At the same time, you can make interactive or recorded calls with your clients. At the end of the day, you do not have to scamper to keep a record of these interactions; everything will be saved in your CRM. The saved data can also be analyzed using the analytics provided by Sugar. Better calling methodologies will lead to a higher lead generation.

3- Use Docusign

Maintaining paperwork and signing numerous documents is part and parcel of any business. By integrating your CRM with Docusign you have to no longer worry about being physically present to close deals. It is a secure and safe document sharing system and considerably reduces the chances of forgery or fake documentation. In an era of ever-increasing remote work, you can close deals promptly through Docusign.

4- Quickbooks and Xero

Accounting is one of the trickiest aspects of any business. Maintaining an account book is an awfully tedious task. The advent of accounting software has changed the way firms deal with accounts. Using such software ensures that all your data is synchronized and free from any form of human error. All of these processes are automated and you rarely have to crunch over numbers. Thus, integrating your SugarCRM with Quickbooks or Xero comes with immense benefits.

You can use this software to perform bi-direction data synchronization so your customers and you are on the same page. Similarly, you can use priority configuration features to make either software as the parent software with the power to automatically veto discrepancies. This way you can save precious time because conflicts can be easily resolved. You no longer have to worry about invoicing and other billing-related information. All of this information will be saved within the CRM, thereby saving you a lot of time, energy, and money.

5- Marketing Automation with Mautic

Marketing automation is a highly desired feature. SugarCRM gives a wholesome marketing platform that is highly automated. It allows you to synchronize personal records and consolidate data across various platforms. In addition to this, you can use Mautic to run highly synthesized, automated, and effective email marketing campaigns. Mautic prevents duplication of data and assists in generating important marketing reports.

Furthermore, Mautic works seamlessly with the lists created in your SugarCRM. This leads to highly integrated and effective marketing campaigns. The best part is that Mautic is very flexible and does not require manual configuration. You can use Mautic to run segmented campaigns to reach out the different client niches!

Take Action!

The choice of CRM is a critical one. A good CRM will smooth out all the wrinkles in your work processes. Sugar is a perfect option for Real Estate businesses as it is exceptionally customizable and flexible. The integrations we have mentioned earlier are only going to enhance the overall functionality and productivity of your business. Other important things to keep in mind while choosing Sugar include the Mobile functionality offered by the CRM. With Sugar, you can manage your business on the go. At the same time, Sugar is keeping up with the most important trends and technological developments with the latest updates. Once you implement Sugar you would not have to worry about upgrading your system- the updates would come to you. Sugar is a popular CRM with users across the globe. You can leverage the expertise of developers and Sugar Partners through and learn important skills while you are at it. Revolutionize your Real Estate Business today by leveraging our expertise in the field.

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Originally published at on August 28, 2020.

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