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Now you most likely have heard the term cloud used to refer to anything stored on the internet. Like your pictures and other important documents of all formats. That is not entirely untrue, but this is just a small part of what the cloud can do. This is cloud storage, a small subset of cloud computing, and with it, there is much more made possible.

Cloud Computing

Infrastructure as a Service

Platform as a Service

Software as a Service

AWS Cloud Computing

The function of AWS is made possible with the wide range of tools that they have developed. They are many in number and cover functions like analytics, cloud application development, computation, management, databases, and much more.


AWS S3 Glacier is a low-cost version of standard S3, specifically for data that has long-term usage. Data that is used the least often is ideally stored here, so to access it you just have to inform AWS so they can retrieve it in advance.

AWS DevOps

Security and Compliance

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) is used to set access permissions to users of your organization. You can use the AWS Management Console to see the status and number of permissions that you have currently set.

Key Takeaway

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