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3 min readMar 20, 2020


Marketing is important for a business to grow. Since customers now demand personalized experiences, the need for optimizing marketing campaigns is more than ever. As a result, companies are using and investing in campaign management software to increase the ROI on their marketing efforts.

However, choosing the best campaign management software that fits your business needs is not an easy task. With the rising competition, many businesses are leveraging Sugar Market for running effective marketing campaigns. So, let’s check out the benefits of Sugar Market and how you can use it in your business.

Increased Conversion Rates

Leverage Sugar Market as the best campaign management software by making the most of marketing automation through a unified platform. With Sugar Market, you can run effective campaigns and optimize your sales funnel. It allows users to create, launch and manage single emails, nurture-based campaigns and trigger campaigns to increase the conversion rate.

Single Email Campaigns

Sugar Market allows users to run single email campaigns by creating an email from scratch, leveraging email templates and or simply inserting the HTML code of your email body. Additionally, you can also personalize the email campaigns for a personalized user experience.

Nurture Campaigns

Engage your leads in a better way through nurture campaigns with the best campaign management software for small businesses. Streamline your email marketing efforts with Sugar Market by running nurture-based campaigns to push leads towards the end stages of the marketing funnel at a fast rate.

Trigger Campaigns

With Sugar Market, you can also run trigger campaigns and set certain rules or specify different actions to streamline your email marketing flow. Easily create responsive email campaigns and ensure that you optimize the marketing funnel by providing your leads with the information they are looking for.

Streamline Customer Journey

Track engagement through different stages of the sales funnel and get insights about how people are interacting with your emails. This will help in increasing customer engagement through marketing automation and streamline the customer journey.

Lead Scoring

Assign a score to leads based on their interaction with your marketing efforts, email engagement, and different promotional campaigns with your campaign management software. This will give you a better idea of which lead should be turned into an opportunity so you can spend time nurturing it with targeted marketing efforts for higher conversions.

CRM Integration

Sugar Market also allows users to seamlessly integrate it with their Sugar and access their customer database right from Sugar Market. With SugarCRM integration , you can have real-time synchronization of data and use it to run targeted marketing campaigns.

Easily Make Landing Pages

Another reason that makes Sugar Market the best campaign management software is its feature of creating landing pages. You can save time by landing page automation, choosing in-built templates or simply drag and drop elements for creating your own landing page. Additionally, Sugar Market also allows users to create custom web pages in a time-efficient manner and helps in better lead capturing.

Robust Campaign Reporting

Sugar Market has highly interactive dashboards and allows its users to get a quick overview of all that’s up with their marketing efforts. You can easily get all statistics regarding emails opened, bounced, unsubscribed and links clicked, etc. With such marketing automation features, Sugar Market has emerged to be one of the best campaign management software and is increasingly becoming the top choice of small businesses for all their marketing automation activities.

The Bottom Line!

Sugar Market is your best bet when it comes to leveraging marketing automation for driving high sales. Efficiently run personalized marketing campaigns and track the results for making informed decisions and strategizing in a better way. So, are you ready to ensure that you don’t miss any leads through the cracks by utilizing the best campaign management software?

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