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SugarCRM aims to provide its users with the best CRM experience which aims to improve business operations and encourage customer relationships. In an effort to do so, Sugar comes up with quarterly releases every year, each aiming to bring newer and better features than the next. With each new release, the platform gets rid of older bugs and inefficiencies and introduces more innovative functionalities in the platform.

Sugar’s latest quarterly release, Q3 in 2020 is arguably the best version of SugarCRM that has been released so far. With innovative features that allow for greater ease and better user experience, SugarCRM now better connects employees within a business, be they sales, marketing, or service teams. This allows for better collaboration across departments to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. As with the last Sugar quarterly release, this one also follows the new naming convention.

So what new features does the Sugar Q3 2020 release introduce? Let’s take a look!

Workforce Management Updates

With the new Shifts and Shift Exceptions module introduces in the Q3 release update, users can manage the working hours of the sales representatives and also manage any exceptions to them as well. While the Shifts module represents the hours of all the employees during which they are available, Shift Exceptions represent the time when the users are not available, due to any number of reasons such as during participation in team events or if they have taken time off.

With the help of the shift data available, Round Robin assignments can be made easily in the SugarBPM. Depending on the availability of a certain sales representative, they can be assigned to new leads so as to keep the lead conversion process going smoothly. With the foresight to adapt representatives’ availability with the leads, the leads can be dealt with quickly and efficiently, therefore increasing customer satisfaction.

Console Management Features

The Q3 2020 release also makes some changes in the console management features, the primary of which includes the ability to add or remove dashlets in the module tab drawers. On top of that, for any module tab, users can edit the list configuration and decide, based on their specific requirements, which fields to display as columns and also determine their left-to-right order. To make these changes easy to visualize, the preview table automatically updates in real-time to display the field selections, as well as their order which has been determined by the user.

Latest in the Opportunities and Revenue Line

With the help of the new release, users can now manage revenue line items at the opportunity level. Significant dates such as service start, sales stage, and close date can be set when editing an opportunity. These three fields have the ability to push values to the respective fields in the revenue line item records. Not only this but the revenue line items subpanel present in the opportunities create view also reflects the customizations made in Studio. The revenue line items can also support discount values in percentages.

Purchases and Related Updates

The Purchases module enlists goods or services that a customer has bought. Meanwhile, the Purchases Line Items module tracks the time at which the goods or services were purchased, thereby keeping an updated, time-aware record of transactions. In the Q3 release, purchases and purchased line items can both be generated automatically as this module works in collaboration with the opportunities and revenue line items. This allows for a smooth flow of the business process, from managing the intended items for sale to maintaining a home for the products and services that have reached the ‘Closed Won’ stage of the sales cycle.

Record View Dashlet Features

For all additional modules, custom or otherwise, in Sugar such as Quotes, Opportunities, or Meetings, users can now add a Record view dashlet to them. The layout of the dashlet can also be determined by the users themselves in Studio. In this way, users can control and personalize the internal layout of the CRM as per their needs.

New in SugarBPM

One of the biggest conveniences added to the new release include the addition of a refresh button in both, the list view and the tile view for all modules to enable users to view updated data quickly and easily, without having to refresh the entire browser. In this manner, users would not have to reapply filers to their list or tile record upon refreshing.

Additional Functionalities

The Sugar Q3 2020 release also includes several smaller feature updates. For example, users can get email notifications when mentioned in a comment log entry should they enable the option in their profile. Some additional system email templates have also been made available on the platform. Additionally, hyperlinks in text can now be accessed and the link opens up in a new tab.

Our Two Bits!

The Sugar Q3 2020 release features several new and much-needed features and also improves on the older versions. The ultimate aim is to improve user experience and factor in the ways the CRM experience could be made better for them. Rolustech is a certified SugarCRM partner available at your service to help you navigate and offer Sugar support services when it comes to the new Sugar update.

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