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SugarCRM aims to provide its users with the best CRM experience which aims to improve business operations and encourage customer relationships. In an effort to do so, Sugar comes up with quarterly releases every year, each aiming to bring newer and better features than the next. With each new release, the platform gets rid of older bugs and inefficiencies and introduces more innovative functionalities in the platform.

Sugar’s latest quarterly release, Q3 in 2020 is arguably the best version of SugarCRM that has been released so far. With innovative features that allow for greater ease and better user experience, SugarCRM now better connects employees within a business, be they sales, marketing, or service teams. This allows for better collaboration across departments to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. As with the last Sugar quarterly release, this one also follows the new naming convention.

So what new features does the Sugar Q3 2020 release introduce? Let’s take a look!

Workforce Management Updates

With the help of the shift data available, Round Robin assignments can be made easily in the SugarBPM. Depending on the availability of a certain sales representative, they can be assigned to new leads so as to keep the lead conversion process going smoothly. With the foresight to adapt representatives’ availability with the leads, the leads can be dealt with quickly and efficiently, therefore increasing customer satisfaction.

Console Management Features

Latest in the Opportunities and Revenue Line

Purchases and Related Updates

Record View Dashlet Features

New in SugarBPM

Additional Functionalities

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Originally published at https://www.rolustech.com on July 27, 2020.

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