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In today’s renewed climate of remote working, businesses must adapt quickly to the changing needs of their clients and ensure customer satisfaction whilst adapting to the changing landscape themselves.

The task is not only challenging to implement, but it also determines the flexibility and endurance of a business, which in turn, affects their customer service record.

The need of the hour is to be able to keep businesses in greater touch with their clients. Simultaneously, clients must be able to serve themselves without the inconvenience of going through long channels of communication.

Fortunately, Sugar Serve offers a much-required tool, essential for all your remote working needs: the Self Service Portal.

Sugar Serve is arguably one of the best customer service solutions out there. As a part of Sugar Serve, the Self Service Portal enhances customer experience and provides a seamless transition from office to remote work. To do so, the portal is equipped with some innovative features worth exploring.

Without any further ado, let’s dive in to learn more about how Sugar Serve will help create meaningful customer experiences while working remotely.

Navigate The Comprehensive Knowledge Base

One of the salient features of the portal is the Knowledge Base module. With tutorials, FAQs and a comprehensive repository of helpful articles, this knowledge base module helps users get the required information from the vendor without needing to keep in touch at all times. The articles cover a variety of topics ranging from common troubleshooting tips to frequently asked questions. The module also contains certain categories of stock fields from the vendor’s knowledge base.

Easy Display

Not only is the information available comprehensive, but it is also easy to view and navigate. The list view and record view of the knowledge base dashlet allows users to navigate the topics easily and reach their desired article without much hassle. Furthermore, the child categories of each article and topic can be expanded and displayed, if needed. All these features enable the Self Service Portal to be used from home to navigate user issues without the need of the vendor being present at all times.

Reduce Support Costs Using The Customer Portal

A big advantage of the support portal is the reduction of support costs that would otherwise be needed to address customer queries. With a ticket generation mechanism, the customers can resolve a variety of issues and inquire about services without the need to go through long channels of communication. Instead, a direct approach allows for a comprehensive and satisfactory customer experience.

Track Cases

Users can also track open cases filed for the respective company and open its record view to get additional details. On top of that, recently resolved cases of the company within the last 7 days are also visible so that the users can learn to resolve similar issues on their own.

Give Your Customers An Easy Environment

The ability to add notes to the Knowledge Base articles is another innovative way to maintain open communication between clients and vendors. Customers can make any comments or ask any questions in the form of short notes on the articles present in the Knowledge Base. These notes are visible to the vendors and let them know the specifics that their clients are dealing with.

Bugs Module

Another means of easy access is the availability of the bugs module. This module displays a list of new, current as well as closed product defects and feature enhancements that have been either noticed by the vendors themselves or other clients. As with the knowledge base, the ability to add notes extends to the bugs module too. Customers can communicate any questions or comments to the vendors and can access the list of bugs. This is another excellent means of making clients self-sufficient.

Customize The Support Portal

The SugarCRM Support portal offers basic customization options to vendors. Businesses can uniquely tailor their portal in line with their requirements and thus create a personalized experience for their customers. This includes customized layouts, choice of modules and fields visible and permission for editing or deleting records. All this functionality can help create a more streamlined and relevant vendor-client relationship. However, the need to customize CRM Portal can extend beyond these basic functionalities. This is where Rolustech comes in.

Go Further With Your Customization Needs!

Sugar Serve delivers the best experience when tailored exactly to the requisite business needs. With a customized CRM, it is possible to enhance productivity even in remote working conditions. In turn, the resulting improvement in customer relationship management can cause vendors to retain clients and attract even more.

Want to avail SugarCRM Customization Services and Portal beyond the basics? Rolustech offers exclusive Sugar experience, custom Sugar implementations, and a highly competent development team to fully customize Sugar according to the size, processes, and operations of your business. Remote or otherwise.

Rolustech is a SugarCRM Certified Partner firm. We have helped more than 700 firms with various SugarCRM Services. Get in touch today for your FREE Business Analysis. We will be happy to assist you!

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